Today, most local and freelance marketer are frustrated promoting business on craigslist.The tips below we help you to prevent craigslist ads ghosting.

Rule #1 If the rules states that your should not post more than three ads per day from one account.

Solution : Don’t try to post more than three ads on one account because doing so will trigger the ghosting and flagging alarm to strike. And the result will be ghosting and flagging of every ads that will be posted in that account.

So, what is the option. If your target is to post multiple ads on different cities. Let’s say you have created a verify account that will only allow you to post three ads per day on California And you are interested in listing same ads on Atlanta,phoenix, Los Angeles. What you need to do is to buy more telephone numbers or verified accounts from legitimate dealer’s at a very cheap rate to be able to post on these other cities.

Rule #2 In addition to buying more PVA or phone number’s you will also need to change your IP address each time you want to create a new account or post in a cities.

Rule #3 Always clean your browsing history (cookies). Free tools like cc cleaner will help you to completely clean your browsing history.

Rule #4 Avoid posting of duplicate contents and photo’s on criagslist. With the rate at which is difficult to post ads on craigslist i still see advertiser’s or business owner’s who can not afford to create up to five different ads with unique title. If you are uploading your ads on pPhotobucketthere is not wrong by creating 3-5 different template to make your ads looks unique. Beside,there are lot of free tools like (craigslist ad maker, that will enable you to do this on the internet for free.
Rule #5 This rule is overlook by 90% of online marketer’s.However, craigslist is more clever than you.
Avoid the use of free email service like gmail ,yahoo,hotmail etc when creating craigslist account and the rate of ghosting will reduce by 80%.

When buying disposable phone number’s look for companies that can offer free private email address where incoming messages will be forwarded to your own free email account.Now, the private email address will be use when creating accounts on craigslist. Free email services trigger’s ghosting of ads and most people do not realize this.

Because of the effectiveness of this method we offer free email addresses to our clients when they purchase disposable phone number’s from us.

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